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There are various opportunities to get involved with ministering within the community:

Youth Outreach: The youth is involved in reaching out to the service attendants at selected petrol station. They pray with the service attendants and provide words of encouragement.

There is a plan to reach out to the youth in Riemvasmaak, a poor community in the Northern Cape. The youth is planning to visit them and serve them with word and deed.

Old Age Homes: There are various opportunities to minister to people living in old age homes. 

Service of love: There are some members of the congregation that offer to cut peoples hair at homes for the destitute and offer them encouragement.


Daar is verskeie geleenthede om betrokke te raak met bediening in die gemeenskap:

Jeug uitreik: Die jeug is betrokke by die uitreik na die petroljoggies by vulstasies. Hulle bid saam met die petroljoggies en verskaf woorde van bemoediging.

Daar is ook ’n plan om na die jeug in Riemvasmaak uit te reik. Dit is ’n arm gemeenskap in die Noord-Kaap. Die jeug beplan om hulle te besoek en met Woord en daad te bedien.

Huis vir bejaardes: Daar is verskeie geleenthede om mense wat in tehuise vir bejaardes woon te bedien.

Liefdesdiens: Daar is verskeie mense in die gemeente wat aanbied om mense se hare te sny wat in tehuise vir behoeftiges woon. Hulle bied ook woorde van bemoediging.

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